Wine Global Aspect

Understanding needs of wine sector in its complexity and redesigning solutions leading optimal achievement of the objectives set by our partner companies. Three distinct operational entities: Joanna Miro, built around the needs of importers, distributors and their customers; Wine Performance, aimed at supporting the commercial growth of wineries; Italian Taste Summit, as a valuable point of contact between supply and demand.  

Joanna Miro Experiential Selections

Provide a broad view of Italian wine territorial specificities in order to facilitate importer choices, needed for the construction of the winning selections for their final consumers.

Italian Taste Summit

Wine event anchored in the refinement and business incisiveness of the meetings, formulated on the high expectations of supply and demand, on the careful selection of importers and wineries.

Wine Performance

Achievement of highly performing results on foreign markets by wineries, making use of a network of established relationships over time and targeted professional advice








Joanna Miro

Joanna Miro – economist, manager, marketer and broker dedicated to the world of wine, collaborates with the most brilliant Italian and foreign professionals.  Her Mitteleuropean origins enhance the correct perception of Made in Italy and clearly implement the business dynamics in export. In years of collaboration with one of the most prestigious Italian wineries, she refined the concept of BRAND and of the essential tailoring care for its promotion. She dedicates her professional career to this theme to date, contextualizing it according to the impact of Italian brands on foreign markets